Pearl & Amethyst

Thought to dissolve negative energy and promote the awareness of oneself as a spiritual being; approx. 18" long
#M11  $125

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Shell & Agate

Thought to release negative energy and ground one in the earth; approx. 18" long
#1025    $50

Sunstone & Jasper 
Use to facilitate vitality and to help one deal with fear and stress; approx. 18" long

#E107 - $60

Turritella Agate & Pearl
May facilitate wisdom and help release one from negative karmic patterns; approx. 18" long
#823  $95         

Silver Tuareg symbol, "Houmeyni"

Associated with romantic involvements, accented by labradorite, found to combine intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom; approx. 19" long

#705  $140

Found to promote inner peace, peaceful confrontation and saying what one means in difficult situations; approx. 19.5" long

#518  $110

Star Ruby & Silver   
Found to stabilize at all levels, including the physical (chronic fatigue, weakness, debility); approx. 20" long

C309  $70

Turquoise & Coral

Combination of stones is thought to provide an energy boost, while healing sadness; approx. 25" long
#950    $60

AAA Lapis & Brass

Thought to reprogram the mental body, providing a powerful all-healing energy; approx. 27" long
#1020  $120 

Pearl & Larimar

Awareness and flow; approx. 24" long    #1257  $200

Green Garnet

Thought to promote growth and increase of all kinds; adjustable length   #1017  $60

May facilitate enhanced intuition and access to spiritual guidance, enhance intellectual ability; approx. 20" long
#516  $100 

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Thought to increase life force energy and connect to one's purpose at the physical level; approx. 17" long

#1016  $375   

Carnelian, Black Onyx &Tibetan Silver   Fosters self-acceptance, peace and love; approx. 14" long
#1259   $40

Pearl & Silver 

Pearls are thought to heal the negativity and struggle in one's life.  Calming and soothing to emotions; approx. 18" long

#921  $100

Pearl & Larimar

Awareness & flow; approx. 24" long
#1223   $250

Agate & Exotic Woods  
Helpful in promoting one's natural talents, emotional security and energy; approx. 23" long

#E112  $70

Moonstone, Aquamarine, & Lemon Quartz

Thought to soothe the emotions and mind, enhance spiritual awareness; approx. 27" long
#925   $80 

Turquoise & Sterling

Protection, inner strength and healing; approx. 18" long
#1255   $70

Variegated Jasper, Rare Wood & Brass
Thought to help loneliness, keep one's spirits up and promote yin/yang balance; approx. 18" long
#209  $75   

Turquoise & Freshwater Pearl
Thought to be helpful for protection and healing and balancing the emotions; approx. 18" long 
#37  $90   

Quartz & Sterling Silver

Thought to clear negativity, aiding emotional stability, speeding healing, promoting spiritual connection; approx. 25" long   #1030   $85

Silver Tuareg symbol, "Issaran"

Worn at special celebrations, accented by jasper, a stone popular for its spiritual values, provides centered grounding; approx. 18" long    

#701  $70

Gray Agate, Apatite & Pietersite 
May balance the chakras and release stored energy, helping fatigue and general malaise; approx. 20" long  
#405  $90   

Turquoise, Pearl & Sterling Silver
Found to strengthen motivation, dissolve self-sabotage and instill inner calm;  approx. 17" long
#C305  $110   


Creative & expressive; approx. 18-20" long   

#1235  $100

Labradorite, Moonstone & Carnelian

Promotes intuition, creativity, improved mood and the connection of physical andmental to life's purpose;
#924  $90

AAA Lemon Quartz

Thought to regenerate on all levels, healing, reprogramming, & reconnecting; approx. 18" long
#1023    $175 

AAA Lapis & Brass

Thought to penetrate mental patterns, changing negative views of reality to positive, healing thought patterns; approx. 27" long
#1001  $120   

Chalcedony & Keshi Pearl
Stone of concentration and internalization of the essential, pearls are centering and calming; approx.

18" long  #500  $125   

Silver Tuareg Symbol - Cross

Symbol of masculine virility, the importance of opposites. Tuareg women wear a number of crosses as ornaments.  Accented by lapis & agate; approx. 19" long    #709  $70


Alleviates fear, an opening to ancient wisdom; approx. 20" long   

#1277  $80

Shell, Pearl & Copper

Thought to soothe and heal the negativity and struggle in one's life; approx. 19" long    
#910  $50

Turquoise & Leather 

Protects, stabilizes and calms; adjustable length

#1002   $55 

Black Onyx & Pearl 

Thought to heal grief and to promote the knowing that there is no death; promotes feeling loved and eases loneliness; approx. 17 1/2" long    #1004  $60 

Turquoise & Coral

Thought to provide a gentle & peaceful energy boost, while healing sadness; approx. 27" long
#923  $95 

Thought to be a stone of vision, balancing emotions with spirituality, may promote psychic vision; approx. 20" long

#507  $70


Thought to activate, manifest, and support one's life purpose, bringing the gift of fulfillment into one's life; approx. 22" long

#1015  $375 

Black Onyx and Sterling

Thought to heal grief and promote the feeling of being loved; approx. 24" long + pendant drop
#982   $70 


Thought to be a detoxifier of negative energy, stabilizes emotional and physical release; adjustable length
#M13    $55

Green Glass &Free Form Agate
Grounding stone, thought to bring emotional, physical and intellectual balance, soothing and calming; approx. 20" long   #502  $60

Turquoise & Amber Navajo Pendant   Protection, calm & comfort; approx. 18" long   #1276   $125

Turquoise & Liquid Gold
​Thought to be helpful for protection and healing and balancing the emotions; approx. 24" long
#925  $70 

Ebony & Agate
Thought to bring inner peace and build self-confidence; approx. 20" long
#213  $70

Lapis & Silver
​May facilitate enhanced intuition and access to spiritual guidance, enhance intellectual ability; approx. 25" long
#1019  $95 

Turquoise & Silver
Inner strength and calm, emotional healing, creativity; approx. 24" long
#1258  $175 (set)

Agate & Sterling

Helpful in promoting one's natural talents; approx. 20" long
#915   $55

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Urban Cowgirl Designs

Antique Leaf Pearl & Larimar Necklace

Awareness & flow; approx. 30" long
#1224    $150

Antique Leaf Pearl & Silver Earrings

#1225  $35

Labradorite, Peridot, Agate, & Sunstone    Protective, balancing, heals fear; approx 27" long
#1256   $70

Pearl & Rutilated Quartz  

Thought to magnify positive energy and balance the brain's hemispheres; approx. 18" long

#1021   $110

Labradorite & Free Form Agate  
May provide both grounding and mystical properties, raise consciousness and connect with universal energies; approx. 21" long

#509  $70 

Amethyst, AAA Quality  

Thought to awaken one's spirituality and psychic abilities;
approx. 17" long

#1003   $150 

Fire Agate, Rare Wood & Brass
Assists one in staying grounded while revitalizing the spiritual and physical energies within the self; approx. 20"

long  #C315  $70

Turquoise & Silver

Protects, stabilizes and calms; approx. 18" long

#821  $130 

Green Kyanite & Brass

Thought to help open, clear and balance the thymus chakra, promoting compassion for the suffering and oneness of all of life; approx. 20" long    #M14    $ 120

Silver Tuareg symbol, "Taneghelt"

Powerful love symbol combining the masculine and feminine symbols, accented by jade & yellow jasper; approx. 30" long    #707  $160

Pearl & Agate

Very protective, enhances self-esteem and grounding; approx. 18" long
#911  $60

Sterling & Labradorite
Described as a highly mystical stone bringing light, raising consciousness and connecting with universal energies;  

approx. 19" long    #820  $120    

Sterling & Howlite 

Thought to expand consciousness and the awareness of limitations;
approx. 27" long

#971  $80

Turquoise & Jasper

Good combination for healers in making contact, grounding, brings inner strength and calm; approx. 30" long
#926    $70

Brown Jasper & Green Kyanite  
Thought to enable one to process feelings and release sorrow, anger and grief; approx. 22" long

#811  $125 (necklace) 

#1260  $25 (earrings) 

Rose Quartz & Rhodonite  
Found to diffuse anxiety and fear,  aid in keeping a clear mind in tense situations; approx. 25" long

#520  $85 

Turquoise & Amber   
Helpful for protection and healing, may help develop inner strength and calm; approx. 19" long

#C304   $100

Pearl & Hematite  

Thought to release negativity, heal anger and foster peace and nonaggression; approx. 27" long

#809   $85 


Thought to stabilize emotional release and physical healing;  adjustable length   #M15   $55

Thought to provide protection to mother and child, the family, and of the earth; approx. 18" long

#1101  $75   

Keshi Pearls

Thought to calm and sooth the emotions - Keshi pearls are somewhat rare; approx. 22" long
#M12   $150

Pearl & African Trade Bead

Pearls are thought to soothe and heal negativity in one's life.  This African trade bead is over 100 years old.
approx. 20" long   #1024   $75 

Lapis, Coral & Sunstone

Thought to be energizing and to promote self-confidence, mental clarity, and alertness; approx. 26" long
#920  $90 


Thought to penetrate deeply to heal outdated thought forms, changing negative views of reality to more positive ones; approx. 20" long
#1018  $95


Protects, stabilizes, calms; 
approx.  15" long (plus stone)

#M10   $50


Man-made stone, but lovely! Approx. 18" long
#1226    $60

Keshi Pearl & Smoky Quartz
Soothes, heals, stimulates, and recharges; approx. 18" long    
#814  $95

Amethyst & Checkerboard-faceted Honey Quartz  
Thought to facilitate spiritual communication over a long distance, empowering healing at all levels; approx. 19" long  
#821  $130

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Pearl & Agate 

Thought to release negativity, pain, and energy blocks from the body; approx. 18" long

#1026   $65

Click on image to enlarge.


Grounding & making choices; approx. 18-24" long
#1236   $100

Zoisite & Sterling Silver
Thought to transmute negative energies into positive ones and connecting to spirit realms;  approx. 20" long   
#515  $75   

Silver Tuareg symbol, "Tifinagh"

Embodies the images of the Tuareg identity, joining sexual symbolism to spiritual expression,  bringing a strong healing & protective energy; approx. 23" long  #706  $160

Jasper & Tiger Eye
May promote one's awareness of the beauty of the earth and aid in visualizing and meditating; approx. 22.5" long  

#521  $75              


A detoxifier of negative energy, thought to stabilize emotional release and physical healing;
adjustable length
# M11     $55 

Antique Turquoise & Sterling

Protection, promotes inner calm; approx. 17" long (not including drop)   #1278  $90

Black Onyx & Sterling

Thought to heal grief that has gone on for too long & promote the feeling of being loved; approx. 48" long
#1022   $65